Why Choose Us

10 years Experience in this Industry

Gray School has 10+ years experienced faculty for competitive exams it provides
Faculty at Gray school has an experience of 10 years. With experience, comes the knowledge of best techniques, shortcuts and easy ladder to climb up to reach success.

Happy Alumni

Gray School is ranked as the best competitive institute for the amazing alumni it has got.

Our students walk out successfully with top ranks and their desired jobs in their hand.

Certified & Proven

Gray School is the certified institute to provide coaching classes for competitive exams.

Gray school has been certified and proven time and again as the best coaching center in Hyderabad for all the competitive exams.

Who are we?

We have an experience of more than 10 years in this field. Our faculty excels in preparing students for various competitive exams.

Where can you find us?

We are located in a very convenient place that allows students from all parts of the city to commute to us with ease. You may use modes of transportation such as RTC, metro, cabs, etc.

Why us?

Because we're not boring.

Because We're not old-fashioned.

Because our faculty makes the most boring lesson super interesting!.

When do we teach?

Our classes are extremely customizable. You can create your very own timetable and classes will be repeated.

How do we teach?

When writing a competitive exam, your worst enemy will be time. Our shortcut methods and techniques will help you solve things quickly.